Design your dream home that makes you feel happy with Elements

At Elements, we believe in spreading joy by designing a space that you love. Elements was founded in 2001 with the goal of creating highly functional and visually beautiful spaces. Today, we serve over 5000 clients, individuals, and established builders in Thane, Mumbai, Nashik, and other areas in Maharashtra with modular kitchens and wardrobes.

Create Modular and Luxurious Spaces, Individually

In Thane and other parts of Maharashtra, Elements is known for providing luxurious modular kitchens, wardrobes and beds. We are on a mission to create a kitchen that inspires you to cook, modular wardrobes that customize all your storage needs beautifully and beds that give you quality sleep. All our spaces are designed to suit the aesthetics of your house and elevate your home. Elements deliver modular wardrobes that customises all your storage needs beautifully.

What Sets Us Apart?

The very essence of all our creations is the apt combination of the six elements: Color, Texture, Form, Lines, Space and most importantly, Your Vision! All our modular kitchen, wardrobe and bed designs are the perfect blend of these six elements along with functionality and aestheics. Having successfully executed over 5000 kitchens, “Elements” has achieved great heights and immense expertise in the interior design and rendered outstanding results on all fronts. “Elements” predominantly excels in the department of modular kitchens, beds and wardrobes. All our modular furnitures are individually designed to suit your needs .“Elements” will surely elevate the standards of your interior designs to the level next! Add our touch of expertize to your dream design and you'll experience a well-deserved sense of accomplishment!

Add Elements, Add Value to your interior design!